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Claircognizant |Clairsentient| Clairaudience |Medium |Telepathy |Intuitive| Clairvoyance| Earth Angel| Healer | Empath | Lightworker | Shadow Worker | High Priestess | God's chosen ones

I am a spiritual advisor and holistic healer that's led to help any one that's led by God, the Universe for assistance in getting clarity, peace and most of all transmutation.

My first divine connection is to and through God, the Lord Almighty, Alpha and Omega, Allah, the Most Merciful, if you will and that is where I get my information. Within that I went through what some would now call the awakening.

During my spiritual journey, with God, I have been assigned my own spiritual team such as archangels and spirit guides. I am also very acquainted with my ancestors, which is another journey in itself, but I say all this to say I have always been gifted since I was a young and have the gift of seeing, dreaming and feeling. That has always been within me. This has led me to help people all over the world spiritually in various forms, throughout my life.


All in all after just over 4 years, I have made the conscious choice to broaden my healing energy via the internet, in this context. The mission of this is always to transmute energy for the sake of clarity, truth and authenticity. So overall it can go from light to dark or dark to light but always for the sake of clarity, truth and authenticity.

To simplify things: "Reiki" x Remote Viewing x Dream Exploration x Love/Relationships x Spirit Guides x Fate/Life Path x Grief x Family/Friends x Soul Mate/Twin Souls/Motivational enhancement. Energy conversion/ transmutation. Psychic readings online. Googling the headlines may be a help but you know if you know.

My knowledge is based and drawn from a wide range of metaphysics, psychology and theology within the universal intelligence with the help of God and my spiritual team assigned by God. I am consciously aware of what is applicable to the person receiving a service and what is appropriate for them. In this, I consider balancing it, with the teachings and experiences I have been guided to use for the highest and best good for all, always. Use your discernment, however so only the Divine knows the ultimate answer, if it is me: Divine Oracles you shall be assigned help for.


The things you'll hear me say and be grateful for a lot is God through the Holy Spirit, my archangels and my ancestors and Gaia. In terms of the healing I use by products such as tarot, the oracles, crystals, water & fire, earth or air. The incorporation of birth charts, angel numbers, music frequencies to name a few. I have been known by many names, but overall I am just another soul on their ascension, helping other souls to ascend and transmute energy to move forward in this lifetime/ dimension.

This platform is for anyone from all walks of life who wants healing in the form of a reading, guidance, or just to learn something new and expand their knowledge? Or you simply just want to be a part of the community. I am Healingwaters, aka Divine Oracle, aka BKA, open to help all that the Divine sends my way. Amen & Ase. 

The outcome and purpose of the services, particularly the readings, is to help and uplift you, the client, to gain clarity on things that are unclear and gain knowledge of how to step into your true authentic self in empowerment and forward thinking in this lifetime and perhaps next, with my guidance and my spiritual team.

I am lifepath 9.

144 000

Claircognizant |Clairsentient| Clairaudience |Medium |Telepathy |Intuitive| Clairvoyance| Earth Angel| Healer | Empath | Lightworker | Shadow Worker | High Priestess | God's chosen ones

You got questions?

Let find some answers.

"Healing for ones highest  & best good"

Asé. Amen. Namaste.