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Claircognizant |Clairsentient| Clairaudience |Medium |Telepathy |Intuitive| Clairvoyance| Earth angel| Healer | Empath | Lightworker | Shadow-worker | High Priestess | God's chosen ones


Since way back, Divine Oracles (me) have provided quality services to clients locally, and now available, globally, on this platform. With her intuitive guidance as a spiritual advisor in the form of readings and teachings for souls all over the world. Get in touch today to learn more about our services, either by becoming a member for exclusive updates and more, or why not head straight to bookings for a service: tarot/medium/oracle readings, reiki and much more from Divine Oracles.

I am the spiritual advisor and holistic healer. My soul purpose is orchestrated by the divine and the co-creation of myself to inspire, channel and give out healing messages for the evolution of anyone that comes across my this platform. Whether its by words of encouragement/inspiration or some intuitive insights aka the services on this platform in the form of readings, life coaching or holistic healing for your mind, body and soul.

I have only, recently, upon two years now taken the consciousness choice to broaden my energy work not only locally, but globally as well. ​In summation all the healing works outcome is based on transmutation and illumination of energy so light to dark or dark to light: truth. I specialize in shadow-work so heavy energy, traumatic events, sorrow grief, inner child issues, and the wellbeing of ones inner-self. I tap into people's aura field.

Other things to get assistance in: Reiki x Remote viewing x Dream exploration x Love/Relationships x Spirit Guides x Destiny/Life Path x Grief x Family/Friends x Soulmate/Twin flames/Motivation

My knowledge is based, and drawn from a broad spectrum of metaphysics, psychology and theology within the universal intelligence. I am consciously conscious about what's applicable

for the person getting a service and what's suitable for them. In this I take in to consideration to balance that, with the teachings and experiences that I've been guided too use for everyone's highest and best good, always.

In detail I work with elements of the earth, Gaia, the Holy Spirit, archangels, alongside the tools I have as a bi-product: the tarot, oracle, crystals, water & fire channelings or a pendulum. The incorporation of birth charts, angel numbers, scriptures you name all things esoteric may be included depending on the guidance and energy. I've been known to wear many names, but in simplicity I am just another soul on their ascension, helping other souls this is my soul mission, my purpose.

This platform is for anyone of all walks of life that wants healing in the form of a reading, guidance, or just to learn something new and broad, or just be apart of the community.

Divine Oracle is open for anyone that is seeking answers and is guided by the universe on here, as nothing is by coincidence.

The outcome and the purpose of the services, in particular the readings, is to help and elevate you, the client, to have clarity on things unclear and gain knowledge on how to step into your true authentic self in empowerment and forwardness in this life time and perhaps the next, with my guidance, and my spiritual team.

Aries Sun| Aries Moon |Leo rising | Venus in Pisces

I am a life path number 9.

144 000

Claircognizant |Clairsentient| Clairaudience |Medium |Telepathy |Intuitive| Clairvoyance| Earth angel| Healer | Empath| Lightworker | Shadow-worker | High Priestess | God's chosen ones


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"Healing for ones highest & best good"

Asé Amen & Namaste